The stage went black. More screams were the least of what we wanted to hear, but that’s what happens in the dark, just before thousands of people start throwing snowcones and muffin pans at each other. Fortunately, we had a secret weapon, wrapped tightly in a bubblegum wrapper, ready to be deployed with these links.

Brian Miller – Illustration of subjects and scenes with a vintage appeal and plenty of color and texture.

Maywa Denki – Let’s get this party started.

Wikisinger – How do acoustics affect sound? Listen as the same song is sung in 15 different places. And of course, there’s the Wikidrummer.

HitFilm – Incredible video editing software with a free version and a Pro version.

The Nostalgia Machine – I just went back to 1985 and, well, frankly it scared me. Scroll to the bottom and you can get each year as a playlist on

Chuck Jones – Behind the characters with the Looney Tunes artist who has made so many laugh over the decades.

Nova Scotia – Could anything be more beatiful than a decaying Nova Scotia? Only if photographed by Madden | Vallis.

Pluto much? – In case you didn’t hear, the US New Horizons spacecraft meandered past the planet Pluto this week. NASA captured this hi-res shot.

Edge of Stability – And back on Earth, these storms captured in a 70,000 image negative tilt timelapse video.

I Feel That – Video with a touch of glitchy CGI and debug art style from Ash Koosha’s new album GUUD.


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