Thanks to a growing network of designers and engineers who been actively donating their time, energy and 3D printers towards the development of low-cost (or free) customized prosthetic devices, those who rely on the devices have never had as many options as they do today. Among others, e-NABLE has been actively establishing a global network of volunteers to connect designers and engineers with those in need – particularly children who are still growing and need to replace their prosthetic device every few years as they continue to grow.

Now, young prosthesis wearers who want to take things a step further and customize their devices for a variety of tasks just might be able to thanks to a new LEGO-compatible prosthetic system created by Umeå Institute of Design student Carlos Arturo Torres.



Carlos’ ‘IKO’ Creative Prosthetic System ingeniously bridges the worlds of creative play and assistive devices into a completely hackable platform that rivals even the most effective of STEM learning tools – particularly because the resulting designs are actual working real-world products that are used by a real, breathing person.

The platform, which was designed and built during his time as an intern at the LEGO Future Lab, consists of a docking station, a rechargeable battery, a socket and a variety of hand and muscle function design modules. Similar to a LEGO Mindstorms kit, the modules can be swapped in and out as needed to create a design with specific functions.


Be sure to check out the rest of the talented designer’s work by heading over to his portfolio site.


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