The scaly checkbone of an ancient mariner lay against the dusty cupboard door of the hold. Gripping the latch as if shackled to it, and shackled by flaking skin from bone it was. If the sight were any more picturesque, I would have thought twice of kicking the corpse away. And twice I should have thought. For what grabbed my ankle next, was a bony hand holding these links.

Jeffrey Veregge – ‘Art, Design, Mischief’ sum up Jeffrey’s illustration with doses of his Native AMerican tribal ancestry woven into superheroes, soldiers and iconic characters.
Respublika – Sweet slaps of san serif! If you’re into typefaces, you’ll love this. A super deal on the Vincens and Verlomme design you gotta get. Thanks Rod!
Guide to American Football – for liberal, ladies and limeys. The Superbowl is coming up. What better way to teach someone about football that with sweet animation voiced by two Southerners.
Loving Vincent – First ever feature length animation about Vincent Van Gogh using Vincent Van Gogh famous technique. Site and video about the project and why even do it.
Owl fish vs Squid – Deep sea creature battles are not so action packed, but how they fight is certainly interesting.
Metal Gear Ray – At 16.5″ with a 38″ wingspan and illuminated eyes/cockpit area, this is the Metal Gear you will want on your mantle.
Cicada Princess – You may remember the Cicada Princess from the Kickstarter campaign. Here is the final short in all of it’s glory.


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