Wet towels and pencil shavings were not the usual waste left by the weekend party crowd. Somehow the sand imps and moss trolls had fastened their battleground to our deck, all of it, and the yard, shredding the begonias with their shrill cries and pummeling each other with these links.

Kong youyang – With such a range of stylized work, I’m not sure which I like most. Some colorful, some muted, some simple, some complex, all great.

Full Stop – Tom Burckhardt’s full-size cardboard art installation with all the trimmings, including canvases, brushes, bookcases and a skyline view.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Think this is gameplay? Nope. Live action. Directed by Claudiu Voicu with a group of freerunners using mouth mounted GoPro’s.

The Ash – Like burning embers of firewood in a fireplace, except with roses. A mix of digital and scenography brought together by Ars Thanea.

3D Avatar Watch it all if you like, but picking up at 3:20 you see the astounding results of capturing ‘facial expression dynamics of the user by adapting a blendshape template’ which ultimately leads to this.

Spoken.co – Capture your words. Like Instagram for Audio to capture thoughts, bedtime stories, ideas, challenges… your voice.

Star Wars map – 3D map of the Star Wars galaxy. Wait for it to load.

Black Lake – Björk’s new video, shot on location in Iceland by Andrew Thomas Huang, created actually in conjunction with Autodesk for bits of motion capture, live action manipulation and photogrammetry.


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