Although we’ve come to know the Dyson brand as an authority on vacuum cleaners – and more recently, fans that utilize Bladeless Fan Technologies – the company has also been quietly improving the lighting experience, too.

Led by Jake Dyson, son of company founder James, the company’s new CSYS line of lamps are capable of burning for a jaw-dropping 37 years without losing even a hint of their brightness.

Using Heat Pipe technology, a system that’s commonly found on satellites to keep the built-in LEDs cool in an effort to prolong their life, heat is pulled away from the eight LED bulbs and is redirected through an aluminum heat sink on the backside of the lamp’s shaft. This system keeps the LEDs at a constant state of 131°F whereas traditional LEDs burn at 266°F, which significantly damages their phosphorous coating and degrades brightness and color.


Similar to the company’s dedication towards allowing their vacuums to maneuver in multiple spaces with a range of angle adjustments, the new lamp designs feature a 3 Axis Glide Motion that allows the user to position the CSYS horizontally, vertically and rotationally in order to best make use of an interior environment. Additionally, memory-based touch dimming ensures that not only can a user control the amount of light, but also wont’ have to remember that every time they want to turn the light on again.



Of course, just like any other Dyson product, the new lamps come with a price tag that reflects the amount of R&D that went into its development. In the case of the CSYS, the desk lamp is $649 while the larger floor model is $150 more at $899 … however, when divided over 37 years, the price comes to less than $25/year to have a lamp that’s worthy of a James Bond villain.


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