When the hood was pulled back, the amount of tentacles spilling forth was overwhelming to the eyes–And with each holding a maraca, the sound matched the sight. You ask yourself what to do in a situation like this. That is until you realize you’re the one with the maraca tentacle face, trying to use the sounds waves to find the latch to release these links.

Julien Gauthier – A huge range of talent in scenes with ships, characters and creatures. Love the wide field of view and scale he brings to his concept work.

Super Friends League – You know the new Justice League movie? Well, this the trailer using footage from the 1980’s Super Friends Saturday morning cartoon. Preferring the cartoon version actually.

Typerwriter Synth – Bestill my beating heart. What if a 1920’s Remington typwriter was a video mixer? Ithaca Experiments created exactly that. All kinds of fabulous.

How to Draw Type – And Influence People. Our book pick of the week. If you’ve ever been interested in typefaces or creating your own. Releases May 2nd.

Collatz Conjecture in Color – Alex Bellos explains the one of the greatest unsolved problems in math, the Collatz Conjecture, then how mathematician Edmund Harriss creates images based on it.

ReCore – A look behind Tom Whalen’s graphic design process of the poster for the new ReCore game on Xbox. Video timelapse as well.

Lincoln Skull – Shaun Hughes shows the intrciate process of hand engraving a Lincoln penny, turning the face into a skull.

StarCraft: Free – In anticipation of StarCraft: Remastered, you can download and play the original absolutely free, along with the Brood War expansion. There goes the weekend.

Say What You Want – Face to Face, with a new previously unreleased, out as a single on Fat. That bass line. (Oh, and there’s a new Me First Greatest Hits.)


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