A colander of crevices stretches out before, the red smoke of the Sting Coral crawling out against every edge. We knew five of the caverns amidst them were safe but to know the path to any we would need these links.

Paul Chadeisson – He creates concepts of massive ships, then makes them even more massive. Mothership construction vessels, air carrier facilities and so much more.

Iso Geo – Instagram follow of the week. The colorful, geometric art of Matt Moore with a splash of occasional inspiration from the illustrious artist.

10 Rules – 10 rules of composition. Perhaps the #1 thing to understand best for taking good photographs or even composing graphics.

LotR Prime – The Lord of the Rings series is coming to Amazon Prime. This is the interactive map that helps reveal some of the setting.

Golden Sahara II – The amazing concept car of the 1950s with some interesting insight into the making of the Good Year Neothane tires.

Interactive Danny – Daniel Rozin creates interactive, kinetic sculptures. This a good one to start with.

Mockup Generator – If you’re interested in putting your graphics on any sort of t-shirt, cup, bag, or other item, this will show you how it looks.

SpriteStack – a 3D pixel art creator that allows you to make ‘3D models by making a stack of 2D images’.

We’ve Got To Try – Oh yes. New from the Chemical Bros. A dog that learns to drive a racecar, then pilot a rocket ship.

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