Remember when you were a kid, and the coolest talents your friends had were blowing bubblegum and making paper planes? Yeah, those were the days.

As we grow older, it becomes easy to lose that sense of magic from childhood and instead, find entertainment elsewhere—like Netflix or loud nightclubs. But one thing remains constant: making paper planes is still damn fun.

YouTube video

YouTuber Shy Vardi is bringing paper planes back in style for the 21st century. Instead of folding each plane by hand, he created a machine which automates the entire process. This cuts back on the not-so-fun folding times and lets you enjoy the oh-so-awesome flying times.

YouTube video

The machine is made from recycled printer parts, and custom 3D printed parts. Flat paper is loaded into the back tray, at which point it gets rolled down the assembly line and folded by the different segments of the machine. Once the plane is finished, it is launched skyward into a pile of its brethren.

No sooner than the last plane is launched and the machine already gets to work on making another paper airplane to add to this foldable air force. While Shy Vardi went environment-friendly with his design, it might be better to use recycled paper to keep with the green theme.

Though he only has the two videos, you should definitely keep an eye out on Shy Vardi’s YouTube channel for more of his future inventions.


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