A fine mist settled, thin against the green bladed spears that jutted above. With an icy silence we stepped slowly, wanting to run, to duck and cover ourselves with the mist, to escape the rabbit banshees on the hunt for these links.

Thibault Girard – Gritty scenes, ships and characters with an interesting method of providing depth in a scene filled with a lot going on.

Ansomnia – Coolest. A dreamscape that goes on and on and on.

Sphero BB-8 – This is the droid you’re looking for.

Wikigame – As you know, it’s quite easy to start looking through wikipedia for one thing and end up on something completely unrelated. This is the game for that.

Dario Rossi – Street drummer, Dario Rossi, breaks into an amazing live session at Speedy Market.

Fall Map – For the northern hemsiphere, fall is almost here. This may shows foliage changing path for the States and provides info on why leaves change color.

Scanface – High-res scans of faces. Kinda creepy, kinda cool, not much more to it than that.

Call You Home – Yep, that’s a TV in space. Sent into an orbit to film this spectacular song with this spectacular view.


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