A loud noise and thin sheets of metal fell. Though it had peeled off its thin cosmetic lid, the thick frame revealed how many porcupine quills it took to construct such a creature. Bare like their creation, they gnawed bark pails, dipping their paws into these links.

Matt Tkocz – Matt does it all and does it well. From his sketches to concept completions, a wonderful look at bots, ships, creatures and more.

Paper World – A magical paper world takes shapes on the desktop that serves as a metaphorical message from the WWF.

What is a ‘Laser’ – You know it’s an acronym, but how were lasers described by the media after the discovery? This gives you a bit of an idea.

CSS gaming – What good is CSS if you can’t make a completely useless, yet challenging game with it?

Black ink – The tattoos of Chisato Chavo look much like black ink sketches one would make on paper, but have a style that attract people to their permanence.

Batman vs Superman Weird – Every great movie trailer, needs an equally great, equally weird version. This will leave you with more questions than answers for sure.

Recipe stop-motion – Rachel Ryle has an interesting approach to creating her short stop-motion recipe videos. See them all here on her Instagram account.

Apparences – You’ll notice is a few seconds in. Things are not what they seem, when reality is made to look like a movie scene. The technique.

Sexy Maserati – You’re a sexy Maserati.


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