The porcelain structure beneath its transparent, multi-faceted skin flaps, glowed like the oil-laden breast of the fire swallow. We had our brushes with them in the past, usually hiding just before we were seen. This time, we were not so fortunate. Its attention had been completely drawn by our cheese sandwiches, drenched with these saucy links.

MuYoung Kim – Hardcore creature and character concepts, but I must say, his concept craft, mechs and vehicles are superb.

Super Dino Boys – After watching Paul Robertson’s Super Dino Boys action, you’ll be all like, ‘yeah, that needs to happen NOW,’ or ‘I’ve never vomited so hard.’

Atom Eater – Vitaly does amazingly detailed work. Using his ULTRABORG KitBash library, he constructed this. Prepare to grab your jaw.

Gravity Glue – Michael Grab is a patient man, as demonstrated by his talent for stacking stones.

Hula – Wow waterfront murals painted by street artist Sean Yoro, aka HULA.

Backward Brain Bicycle – Destin shows you how our brains work, that welders are smarter than engineers and knowledge does not equal understanding.

Warren Truss – Make a Warren Truss Bridge with your kids this weekend. Note: it’s built with Popsicle sticks, not with your kids.

Young and Unafraid – New from The Moth & The Flame. Neal Unger looks old and sucks at kickflips, but shows you what a 51 year old can do.

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