For just over a decade now, MODO has been defying expectations time and time again with their full-featured, all-in-one 3D modeling, animation and rendering package that’s been used by everybody from Pixar to Microsoft for applications ranging from animation shorts to product design renderings and more.

Disclosure: We at SolidSmack have a soft spot for MODO, since Adam (the ‘D’ in EvD Media) offers deep training for MODO on cadjunkie, including his latest modeling series, the S76 Beast of Turin modeling tutorial, pictured above.

Spearheaded by Brad Peebler and his newly-established company Luxology in 2001, MODO was introduced to the public after three years in development at Siggraph 2004. Over the next ten years, the company further refined the program into what is arguably on of the most powerful 3D modeling applications on the market – and was picked up by UK’s 3D software powerhouse The Foundry along the way in 2012.

Now, MODO is less than a week away from seeing its biggest release yet. Next Wednesday, May 27th, The Foundry will be releasing MODO 901 as both an upgrade for existing users or as a complete package for new users.

“MODO 901 lets you take on more challenging projects than ever before, with powerful new features in every discipline from modeling to texturing, and from animation to rendering—not to mention accelerated performance, new pipeline integration options, and complexity management tools,” says The Foundry.

MODO 901 MeshFusion Overview

“With MeshFusion now an integrated feature, a new advanced photorealistic viewport, progressive texture baking and vector-based graphics support representing just a few of the highlights, MODO 901 is our most significant update so far.”

…and they’re not kidding.

MODO 901 Enhanced Modeling Overview

The inclusion of MeshFusion alone is a pretty big deal; previously MeshFusion was available as an add-on feature for $395 (£259 / €309). The feature, which removes the challenge of creating complex and frustrating Boolean operations, makes it much easier to produce high-quality and complex models. Combined with new features including topological symmetry, Slice and Cap, Quad Fill, and Align tools, it becomes clear that MODO 901 is clearly the most modeler-friendly release to date.

MODO 901 Sculpting Overview

“MODO 901 is serious about helping you take on more challenging projects, with new options to extend, customize and integrate tools into your pipeline, and better ways to handle complex scenes and rigs.”

To see all of the new updates and features (there are many), head over to the newly-launched MODO 901 website.

Those interested can buy ($1,495) or upgrade to MODO 801 now and qualify for a free upgrade to MODO 901 when it ships next week.


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