Four pinstripes and a melon. That’s all the payment we could gather. Down among the shantie with tattered cloth and mud holding make-shift walls to the ground, droids would peek from the blinds, unsure if they would be extracted or provided parts. Why we were able to get a melon in these parts, we’ll never know, but it likely had something to do with these links.

Jie Ma – Some of the best surreal and strangely realistic art I’ve seen in a long time, beautifully capturing the scale of the environment and people.

Design Quotes – Barcelona based type designer Rafa Goicoechea created five fabulous design quotes for AIGA “Eye on Design” blog.

Oldschool 8-bit – How the color limitations on old computers and game consoles were handled to product multi-colored artwork.

Star Wars 360 – An immersive 360 Landspeeder drive through the Jakku Desert for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Where’s a VR headset when you need it.

Vintage Flying Cars – Nothing would be quite so cool as driving down the road in a hovering Renault 20 LS. Sylvain Viau’s collection of that and more.

CableRobot – You know those little boxy simulators at theme parks? This levels those up a few notches. Thanks Adrian.

If the Cuckoo Don’t Crow – There’s a story of an old lady who knew a hurricane was going to hit Melton, Leicestershire. This is how she knew.

Dictionary Stories – If you enjoy reading the sample sentences in dictionaries, you’ll love these short stories made from such.

Part-time – Super heroes, villains and other movie characters work just to get by too. These are their part-time jobs as illustrated by Chow Hon Lam.

Zero-day – A combo music video/special effects project of sorts from Beeple Crap. They’ve made the Cinema 4D files available as well.


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