The piles were many, yet it stood atop, triumphant. When the sounds started again, we were not quite ready, but we could tell it was. Leaping from mound to mound toward us, it landed with its masked face pointed away, a beam of light shining out of the tiny visor, suddenly turning, holding in its pea-sized paws, these links.

Lok Du – Fantastical floating lands, air ships, and realms drenched in cloud sifted light. And those clouds, they just make those stones, ships and structures look all the more incredible.

Cellograffiti – Evgeny Ches is an accomplished street artist. So, he does what any accomplished street artist does – wrap trees in cellophane to create odd and interesting forest graffiti.

Colored-pencil Coffee – Sculptures made of colored-pencil remnants by Texas-based artist/maker Bobby Dukes. Check out his YouTube channel for some wood/stone carving action.

Hulk Sculpt – Sculptor Steve Richter shows the mesmerizing process of sculpting Hulk (from Thor Ragnarok) beginning to end, with molds, casting, even how he does the eye, teeth, and hair.

Marvel Create Your Own – And this is coming soon–Create and share your own comic.

Allan Garden Conservatory – Came across these photos of the beautiful Allan garden Conservatory in Toronto. On the list to visit now.

Hot Wheels Garden – If you got some Hot Wheels for Christmas (and have an overabundance of track), perhaps this will inspire you to create a very long installation in your own garden.

Red ball Adventure – And while we’re at it, here’s a pegboard mounted installation by Sprice Machines.

Nitrogen Nerf Gun Mod – If you have Nerf gun modding plans, you’ll want to check out this mod by Giaco Whatever where he uses pressure built up by the warming of liquid nitrogen to expel and pulverize Nerf Mega darts.


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