First, it was the persistence of a calm wind that brought the pungent odor of their troop to our senses. Lock-step through the valley they crept as ninja-like as their shadows stretched atop the shadows of the cliff faces. Riding amidst them, riding the kettle goiler, was one drenched in the dark, reigns to each head in his hand and a spear soaked deep in the oils of these links.

Feng Zhu – A year since we last featured him, load of new work, beautifully deep detail in landscape and new design cinema episode to learn by.
Rooftopping – If you’re not scared of heights, strong winds knocking your from an edge of a building or falling, you’ll enjoy these photos by Tom Ryaboi.
Ball never touches ground – You know those annoying people who can juggle soccer balls for, like, ever? This guy puts all of them to shame cubed.
Banana Bike – Dot Wiggins, inspiration for Frank Zappa and so many more, releases solo album 44 years after The Shaggs popularity. Sample song here.
Can I brush it – Horse & Hammer bring the beard and glasses. This is the site with dope-ass video and schwag galore. Beard not included.
Always with Honor – The graphic art work of Tyler & Elsa Lang. Big, thick chunks of color, memorable shapes and gorgeous lines.
Ivan Castro – To compliment Glen Weisgerber’s roundhand video from last week, a day in the life of Ivan Castro and the delicate art of calligraphy.


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