Round and round the box we walked, thumping it ever so lightly now and then, waiting but a moment to hear a returning thump, followed by a short squeal and a puff of dust from the opposite corner. It wasn’t long before we realized, looking around to the corners of the room that we were the ones in the box, trapped by the boundaries of these links.

Jan Buragay – These mecha are magnificent. A pen and ink, with water color style that is just mouth watering. Loads of ships as well.

Whiskey Glass – Some would just model and render a whiskey glass, but Marcello Barenghi draws it perfectly, and shows you how.

Project Apollo – You remember that moon landing oh so long ago. Turns out they have a load of actual photos from it. So, maybe it did happen.

Guitar Face – You may know how to play the guitar, but do you have the guitar face down? This shows you the magic.

Ephemeral – Photographer, Leonie Barton, captures the fleeting moment of found objects laying about, and does so quite geometrically. Mesmerizing.

Stop-motion History – The history through the years of with 39 films over more than 110 years. You’ll recognize a few.

Abandoned Spaces – There’s something inspiring about decaying, old spaces rotting and in shambles. Mirna Pavlovic is great at capturing it too.

PS on PC – Nice! Playstation games are now available to play on the PC. Free trial for 7 days and $19.99 per month afterwards.

Fav Deals This Week!
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Pure Imagination – Mr. Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. RIP.


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