We wrapped a few of them in toasted cheese curdles and a donut. “Don’t worry, you’ll realize the potential after you taste it.” That’s what she kept saying, but we were not convinced. Food just shouldn’t look like that, and the way they exploded if you handled them too rough? Well, it only made it worse once you dipped them in in these links.

Richard Wright – The amazing creatures and scenes of Mr. Richard Wright. Loads of cool light, fog and yes, even a Kraken.

The DNA Journey – It’s funny to see someone’s reaction when you tell them their genetic make up.

Bdom – This. All of this. But particularly his GIFs which you can find the majority of on his Ello page.

Pogo Freestyle – You’ve not used a pogo stick properly, until you’ve flipped down a double set. The XPOGO team shows you what is up.

Kinetic Animals – Chris Cole makes many steampunk style kinetic sculptures of fish, birds, and other animals, and they are incredibly detailed.

Onbashira Matsuri – In Japan, every six years, in Lake Suwa area of Nagano, Japan, the Sacred Pillar Festival happens. This is a brief glimpse into the ritual that has gone on uninterrupted for over 1200 years.

Pencil+ – It’s a mechanical pencil extender with a built in sharpener and it’s ingenious.

Power Drone – A Nintendo Power Glove (remember those?) was modded to control a drone. Now you’re playing with power.

Papel – These flowers are not real flowers. They’re intricately and meticulously constructed paper flowers, some quite large.

Empire – Crunchy new one from Slovakia band FishFace, produced and directed by Tomáš and Lukáš Ferenc.


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