It was a party of pigeons and pygmy goats. One against the other? No, they were in cahoots. The pigeons, responsible for logistics. The goats responsible for ballistics. Together they were a team, nay, a force, that could only be described at lethal. And in the midst of all of them, their leader– hairless, war-torn, scarred from paw to pucker, with a staff topped with the glowing nostril flare of these links.

Nicolas Dehghani – Amazing what can be done with just a few colors. Illustration from the man who can use those and make shadows do his bidding to create fabulous art.

Daily Overview – What is the most amazingly artistic shot of our world from above? Quite a few actually. Everything from airports to strip mines and more.

Mama & Dada – Why are the words mom, dad, mama, papa, so similar across languages? This article by John McWhorter delves into the interesting reason.

Slapdash Supercars – Boring, normal old car? Max Siedentopf shows how it’s done, by randomly modding cars with cardboard and duct-tape.

Sinuous – Oh goodness. This is quite addictive. Mind the red dots. Do try it full screen.

Code beats – Who says coders can’t be drummers (or vice versa)! A nifty little track pad that shows you what’s happening with your funky beat.

Baby Be of Use – Baby books to learn and teach baby what they can do for you. For example, making breakfast and doing your banking.

Brand Guideline – A thick overview on how to create your own, for your business or, ya know, you.

Dismaland – Banksy’s take on themepark amusement. The unofficial video of that. Book you tickets to take the kids now.

What About Me? – Drums, trumpets, the rest. From their live DVD “We Like It Here”, Snarky Puppy shows how a music ensemble is done.

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