Thunderheads above logrolled plains split the night and lit the glitter-swollen veins of the dragon moths. Since we hadn’t yet lit the path torches, we were certain the carts hadn’t been seen, that is unless their eyes had been coated with these heat-sensing links.

Glen Johnson – Creator of epic biomechanical and biotronican ecological environments, sculpted in MasterpieceVR, shaped into worlds that shock the oculars.

Space Type Generator – A 3D type experiment by Kiel Mutschelknaus. Change cylindrical radius, count, speed, offset. Adjust wave and type effect.

French Disco – Stereolab is back with a reunion tour and reissued, remastered albums on vinyl and cd. This is the first [on Spotify].

Tamburo Meccanico – Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s TAMBURO MECCANICO (mechanical drum), Giuseppe Acito built his own, from LEGOs. Also check out his Bionicles band.

Building Crait – David Hall shares his STAR WARS: The Last Jedi, Battle of Crait LEGO build that took over a year to build using over 100,000 bricks.

Shot on iPhone – Photo contest winners for the ‘Shot on iPhone’ photography contest. A wide variety and some simply amazing shots.

Why do Batteries Bounce? – In this slo-mo drop test from Warped Perception see how and why batteries of different charge bounce.

Global Brands – Global rankings of your favorite (or not so favorite) brands over the past 18 years, that’s from 2000 to 2018.

Stirred, Not Shaken – Why the 1967 James Bond Casino Royale soundtrack is every audiophile’s dream. Meters pushed, extremely wide dynamic range, crank it.

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