A stretchy mix of colors oozed through the opening, up the panels of the barn and into their cage. You wouldn’t have know it otherwise, but their claws were made of the same substance. When the two touched, a flash of light, a small squeal and all five of them projectile vomiting these links.

Ani Roschier – Beautiful environment illustration and concept art with gumdrop color and perfect lighting. Wallpapers and PS brushes as well.
Worldwide window machine – Look through the window and guess where it is on the map. Interesting use of Google streetview and map api.
Lens bracelets – Made from vintage camera lenses, they’re not cheap, but they are all sorts of one-of-a-kind cool.
Forebruary – A unique, minimal calendar that you never need to take down and toss. Uses a sliding frame to capture the month you’re in.
You can’t write proper english – Along with a snappy jingle, this time test is perhaps the most entertaining way to test your knowledge of grammar… under pressure.
Parametric expression – I’d say this isn’t creepy at all, except that it is and also highly mesmerizing. Via Autodesk on twitter.
PaintFont – Create a font or fonts of your own handwriting. Create template. Write your letters. Upload. Simple.
Digitalorigami – Mirza Talovic takes you into a geometric kaleidoscopic ride for the weekend. Glitchdrop at 1:55 indeed.


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