Crackling, layers of grass snapped beneath our toes–All the way to the shore we thought we would never reach. The edge of the sky was behind us, seeming to keep up with the swarm of small, fur-laden creatures–a mat of them spreading across the valley, with the awe-amplifying, juice box convenience of these links.

Wojciech Ostrycharz – Freelance animator, filmmaker and concept artist with a certain panache for capturing your imagination and showing it something amazing. See his Paper World short as well.

Astronomy 2016 – Galaxies, Auroras and more in the winners and runners-up of the 2016 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year put on by the Royal Museums Greenwich.

Literary Guide to Whiskey – Mark Twain, Hemingway and Steinbeck all referenced the brown liquid. Here are the books and a bit of the history.

Du Hast Bossa Nova – Rammstein’s Du Hast set to a jazzy Bassa Nova beat. Much mor fitting for these guys.

Beards and staches – In case you need some inspiration for your own or just want to look at interesting people with interesting facial hair.

Thermodynamics CC – Shini takes you through a crash course on thermodynamics, another fine episode from the fine people at Crash Course.

Animal Sleep Stories – These screen prints by Daria Tessler are bizarre, colorful, cool and your loft will look great with a few hanging on the wall.

Fav Deals This Week!
Deals to good to pass up for this week! –- A great backpack that fits 17″ laptops, a sweet mini tube amp, a take anywhere bluetooth speaker and a must have charging case for those getting an iPhone 7.
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Kids – Impressive visuals on this Jerry Folk tune about growing up, directed by Quentin Deronzier.


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