I’m pretty sure, that if you built a geodesic dome fort with your kid, you would be classified as the best parent ever… which is part of the reason why we’re SUPER EXCITED the geodesic dome HUB KITS are now available! The other reason we’re excited is this is secretly a reason for us to construct geodesic domes ALL over our yard.

When we first saw the Hubs kits, we were impressed with both the simplicity and the variety of structures the system lends itself to. With a set of Hubs and some sticks, you can build anything from a garden room, fruit cage, outdoor reading room, greenhouse, chicken run, children’s den, aviary, festival tent, hideaway or nearly anything else one could think of.

We heard back from Mike Paisley, co-creator of Hubs, with an update on things and some sweet new construction pics to take us into the weekend. The only thing we’re a bit sad about is that we don’t already have some in our hands!

“It’s been a fascinating process for Chris [Jordan] and I, going from 3D printed prototypes to injection moulded final parts and it’s fantastic to have the kit ready (finally…!). It’s a start-point for people’s ideas and we’re really looking forward to seeing what people create. So thanks for your help in spreading the word.”


If you got in on the Kickstater campaign, you’ll have your Hubs shortly. If you don’t, you can snag a box or five for £120($156 USD) a pop. Buy the Hubs kit here.

They’re also planning on designing some 3D printed add-ons and developing accessories too. So, keep an eye on them and find out a bit more on the Hubs website.








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