The flares flew, hitting against the fiber shell of our helmets. Sparks fell like the bright casts of rake beetles after sipping warm lava from a rock mop bucket. The faces of the others were shaken by the continuous pelting. We were not sure if it would let up, but finally our face flabs forced their way through the helmet seams to shield us with these links.

Maciej Drabik – Beautifully done focal shifts that turn symmetrical scenes into more intense, captivating works of land, sea and space.

Boba Fett Tiffany – Stain Glass Tiffany lamp shades by Michael McLane of different film and TV characters, including Boba Fett.

Glueless Lasercut – With SketchUp and a handy plugin, you too can be an interlocking part design genius, as Andrew Jones shows you in this Instructable.

Nimoy – RIP.

Poppins Death Metal – Julie Andrews never sounded so good.

Self-sealing water balloons – Never tie one again. Winner, Best of Toyfair 2015. Incoming.

Balloon Drop – Base Jumper Erik Roner takes a shotgun up 8,000 feet via 90 weather balloons. He then starts blasting away.

20 most popular beers – In America. I’m only showing you this, so we can change it. Straw-Ber-Rita?

Filmography of Motorcycles – This is better. A beautiful poster of the 79 motorcycles in film and tv over the years, beatufully hand-illustrated.

Say Yes To Me – We didn’t get to see them in San Francisco this week, so next best thing is their video.

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