Setting off toward the sun, stilting his was down the silted, ash lined maze of a murky mountainside trial, Fitz McBunkle… charged. Though his forearms were lined with blades and his single eye ablaze, it was a slight hesitation in his smirk, a mis-step and a burp, that caused one stilt to split and skewer all these links.

Rudy Siswanto – Cartoonish? Yes, but no. Bright, bold colors with details and action that just make you want to keep exploring every image.

Wildlife Photo of the Year – Fox vs Marmot. Pretty much sums it up. See this and all the photos from the pros and youth.

White Tower – Behind the design of the iconic water tower of Uralmash and a primer on Constructivisim.

Those Eyes – Instagram follow of the week. Lucas Zanotto creates oddly satisfying 3D renders of rolling, rocking, rotating eyes.

Perfect Circle – As if it’s a challenge to draw a perfect circle on a piece of paper, much less a computer screen… with a mouse. Good luck.

Brizo Invari – These things don’t belong together! OR DO THEY. Machine Age pragmatism juxtaposed with organic overgrown naturalism.

Tycho Puzzle – A mechanical puzzlebox of stainless steel and brass from Craighill that has a string of successful product launches, including this one.

Hitch & Timber – These EDC wallets and leather goods look fabulous. Especially like the Trucker’s Hitch and Country Fold Wallet.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. – Full album stream from HUNNY’s latest album Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


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