Even though it’s just as important as eating three square meals a day, not everyone practices proper dental care. On a busy day, most folks would just quickly brush their teeth (or forget to altogether) before hopping in a car and driving to work—much to the bummer of their coworkers.

Encompass was made to give those with less than stellar dental hygiene their quick and proper toothbrush fix before taking on the rest of the day. By putting the J-shaped toothbrush in both halves of your mouth, you can effectively clean all your chompers in just 20 seconds, according to the company.

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The secret lies in the inflating bladder and pneumatic pump housed within the toothbrush. Once the Encompass is wrapped around your teeth, the bladder inflates and deflates to conform to the shape of your mouth and gives those pearly whites the proper brushing they deserve. The circulating air is a stand-in for your arm, delivering a total of 100 brush strokes per second:

Encompass toothbrush

Apart from helping those with dexterity problems, the Encompass toothbrush was primarily created to solve the biggest issue with oral care: human error. Despite the development of more advanced dental care products, bad dental hygiene can still be attributed to bad habits. Among others, poor brushing techniques and lack of time are just two of the problems this automated toothbrush solves; now it’s just up to you to remember to use the Encompass at least twice a day.

Encompass toothbrush

The Encompass toothbrush is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo and has already exceeded its goal of $30,000 many times over (it now has a funding of $408,197). Learn more over at Indiegogo.


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