Five midnights of the mountain sun and the islands rising had yet to be done. Floating higher, inch by inch, roots had been trimmed to clear the lower portals for the fighters to deploy. We had thousands, but it would take all we had and more to take on the soul-blazing power of these links.

Threely – Floating islands, mystical lands, injured pandas and enigmatic Ninja Turtles, all in one go! Superb ships, characters and dragon to boot.

The Titan R – Half bike, half motorcycle, all vintage style, and all electric. Quite the Superhero bike, indeed.

The World of Ice and Fire – Presented here is the finest chart in the Seven Kingdoms—a compendium of Game of Thrones artifacts, armament, regalia, and more. 

Food Curtain – a little curtain that clips to your nose and hangs over your mouth. Keep on munching buddy!

The Gymnasticon – Before the treadmill and exercise bike, there was this. We should bring it back.

Dan Lam – Texas-based artist shows what’s possible with color and clay. She’s a must follow on Instagram for cool process shots.

Architectural Logos – Small book of architectural elements, such as houses, buildings, windows, stairs, and doors, used in logos and marks.

Talismans “Teams of Russia” – After Mishka, we see new mascots and logos for the Olympic Games. Some fun animations along the way.

Obi Wan vs Vader Remake – Hard to improve on the original, but FXitinPost does it up splendidly. (Original here.)

High Hopes – PostModern Jukebox, joined by Spencer Day, does it up right, turning Panic! At The Disco’s High Hopes into an instant Frank Sinatra style classic. (Original Panic! video here.)

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