We looked hither, we looked yonder, and all we saw was more than we could take in with our eyes. Light whipping from their fur, jowls blazing and toothless gums gumming their way toward our legs. We had to get out of the rising tide, and all we had were five wasp heads and a cable made of these links.

Joe MacCarthy – With a background in design and an amazing eye for detail, Joe dishes out amazing concept after amazing concept.

Force Awakens BTS – Wired takes a look at the face capture system used to create the characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Fairy Tree – A father built a fairy tree in her daughter’s bedroom, to sit and read books in, and climb to a sitting area.

Rajput Ride – Patrik Wallner shoots skateboarders Michael Mackrodt, Vladik Scholz and Dan Zvereff in North India Rajasthan during Holi. Behind the scenes included.

Dimitra Milan – She’s 16 years old and making quite a name for herself. You’ll see why when you see her mixed media oil paintings.

Best Opening Shots – Cinefex picks their top ten best opening shots of all time, from symmetry to long takes, you may have never seen some of these.

The Creative Alphabet – Stippling master, Casalta Xavier, created this alphabet set, each taking from 5 to 13 hours using only a 0.10mm rOtring isograph.

You’ve Been Fooling Me Baby – Cousin Marnie drops a mix of bluegrass style harmonies of the Carter Family classic and electro-pop awesome in the kickback to their 2013 ‘Is Sleeping’ EP.


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