As wide as four kegs strapped to the back of a molasses swamp hippopotamus, he trudged atop the thin film of earth wrinkling it between twelve toes at the end of a joint on a single leg. By size and agility, he was no match, but we knew his weakness–the excess intake of sun-scorched coffee beans, ground in these links.

Daniel Isles – Oh boy. The results of a 365 day sketch challenge with robots, cyborgs, androids, that serve as perfect models for his ultra-tech design style.

Google AutoML – Google’s AI is better than its own engineering team at creating networks for image and speech recognition tasks…

AI Paint – But maybe AI has a way to go if this experiment in AI created paint colors is any evidence, even though the paint names are fabulous.

Plants + Tech – Animator Sasha Katz created some lovely animated isometric illutration blending technology and plantlife, shared on here Instagram with other great illustrations.

Entomology – If you enjoy close-up, highly details photographs of exotic insects, you’ll enjoy Francesco Bagnato’s work.

Claybook – An incredible looking new physics-driven game from Second Order where each page is a new moldable, formable clay-like world.

Our Solar System – Beautiful poster series from Justin Van Genderen featuring the planets of our Solar System (except Pluto).

Pull the Trigger – Nifty new animated video from Flux Pavilion featuring vox from Cammie Robinson, directed by Popsicle Illusion.

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