The curtains opened. If it wasn’t for the flames, the only light would have been 50,000 watts of hamster-powered light waves hitting our retinas off the strange ball of mirrors. The sounds were a warm, slow roasted lamb shanks of rhythm and funkadelic chord progressions sizzled in the oniony juices of these links.

Lorenzo Lanfranconi – Simply superb set of colorful environments of waterfalls, mountaintops, steams and sea, some peaceful, some foreboding, all incredible.

Card Slicin’ – I’ve seen trick card throwing, but nothing ever like this. Pin point accuracy by magician Rick Smith Jr. on Dude Perfect. Wow.

Nunchuck Larry – My new favorite TV series action drama.

Honor Freeman – Instagram follow of the week. Those look like used sponges, used plastic buckets and old bars of soap, but they’re actually Porcelain.

Tulle – Not sure if you’ve ever thought about creating anything artistic with fabric, but ironing tulle is an option ans Benjamin Shine reveals in The Dance, made from 1.2 miles of tulle.

Art of the Poster 1880-1918 – The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) has published over 200 turn-of-the-century lithograph prints that capture the design aesthetic of the time.

Playful Pallete – Is a demonstration from Adobe Research for SIGGRAPH 2017 demonstrating an interactive, parametric color palette for artists.

Without Love РThe Descendents with the new video from their latest album Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

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