If you thought that skateboarding with a board made of LEGO bricks or a smart A.I. was weird, then you clearly have no idea of how crazy the human race can get.

One look at the Onewheel+ and you’ll know where it gets its way-to-obvious name. Held together and powered by A GIGANTIC WHEEL, this upgrade to Future Motion Inc.’s 2014 invention is a marvel of simple design.

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With a built-in Hypercore motor inside the tire, the board can reach a speed of up to 19MPH without having to slow down–even if you’re launching a rocky crevasse (which you really shouldn’t be doing), the motor doesn’t scrimp out no matter the surface.

“But it runs on one wheel! I have no idea how to ride a skateboard or unicycle, or skateboard, unicycle, wheel thingy!” you might say.

I hear you, and while I agree you shouldn’t touch a unicycle unless you’re an adept juggler or a clown, the Onewheel+ always makes you look cool with its dynamic stabilization, lights and GIGANTIC WHEEL. The intuitive controls let you move forward or slow down by applying pressure to the desired direction, ensuring that it won’t suddenly go downhill unless you want it to. The newest version of the Onewheel also includes a “Surestance” design that elevates the edges of the board to make sure your feet stay firmly planted and in control of your ride.

It can go on all sorts of terrain too. From your normal everyday asphalt to offbeat dirt paths, the board delivers a smooth ride all throughout. You can even tailor your experience by using a shaping app for iOS or Android phones. Be it a floaty or stiff ride, the Onewheel+ has something for every offroad boarding aficionado.

So what does it run on?

Lithium batteries. Though traditional boards rely on the power of gravity and inertia to propel them forward, none of them can go uphill like the Onewheel+. Even with its built-in LED headlights and taillights, you can head out to a distance of up to 5-7 miles before having to look for a socket. The charging time clocks in at about 20 minutes, so you won’t need to wait long before you head out and cause more mayhem for pedestrians with you GIGANTIC WHEEL.

If you want to learn more about the Onewheel+ (or pre-order one for the crazy expensive price of $1,499), head on over to the Onewheel+ official webpage.


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