Jumped off the ledge, the hammer fell, the blast rang out and the monstrosity of a caterpillar was no more. Usually smaller, but this one had been feasting. We hadn’t determined what the supplement may have been quite yet, but there were hints and a small trail leading back to these links.

Alexis Rives – An array of style in characters with brilliant bits of detail and oddity that totally draw you in. What a treat.

Whatsgoodly – The search engine for anonymous campus polling and oddly entertaining way to find out more about millennials.

All-in-One – For the messaging maven, a messenger app (for Chrome) that allows you to use Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Slack and many others from one interface.

Les Spectateurs – An inhabited satellite world prepares to send the last rocket back to Earth. Film from students at ArtFx school of special effects.

Secret Wood – Handmade rings created using fresh wood, jewelry resin and beeswax, each looking like a view into a unique little world.

Pokemon Go + David Attenborough – Sir David Attenborough overdubbed with a Pokemon Go session. Seems like a much better experience to me.

Latin Square – Thinking challenge for the week. A puzzle presented by computer science legend Donald Knuth in 2009.

Legible Graffiti – Mathieu Tremblin spends some of his time painting over tags making them legible, and overall better looking.

Fav Deals This Week!
Deals to good to pass up for this week–A proper set of over ear headphones, nylon-braided iPhone cables, the pro blender used in those ‘Will it Blend?’ videos and a drone VR combo to get you right in the action!
AKG Over ear headphones (33% off)
6ft iPhone Cable 2-pack (38% off)
Blendtec Blender (33% off)
Drone and VR Headset Combo (36% off)

Lonely Boy – One from a few years ago by The Black Keys off their album Turn Blue.

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