With many fighting furiously against the end of the world coming to us via plastic bottle waste, more have been looking for that environmentally-friendly bottle to hold their beverages. While bottles are convenient, come in a variety of style and materials, they’re limited in the types of beverages they hold. Coffee? Here you go. Protein Shake? You need a different thermos for that.

It’s a pain to deal with both, right? Well, the Golchi bottle eliminates the decision making-at least for two beverages. This is the world’s first vacuum insulated bottle that holds two drinks at the same time. Sound pretty boss to me… and to 3500+ people who made this the most funded bottle on Kickstarter.

Honestly, at first it seems unnecessary; do you really need to carry two drinks at the same time? Not really, but when you consider that the Golchi can carry two drinks of different temperatures it sounds much more appealing. You want to take your coffee with you in the morning, but make sure you have your daily dose of water.

Not only can the bottle hold two drinks at the same time, it has four different configurations: double decker – dual compartment for two drinks, jumbo – single compartment to carry one drink in larger quantities, traditional – everyday bottle with no storage section, and Golchi mini – split the bottle in two standalone bottles for sharing.

OK, so the cool factor is increasing. But wait, there’s more.

The Golchi also doubles as storage, allowing you to store snacks like cereal, tea leaves, baby milk powder, and nuts. It’s actually pretty ingenious. There’s nothing worse than being away from the house and carrying around various containers for different snacks. Having a bottle that let’s you carry a drink and foods cuts down on what you need to bring with you. Now, you can have cereal on the go. Or you can have a snack on hand to keep the baby happy. There’s even a vacuum insulated can holder, though it would take more time to take out the holder and place the can in it. More people would most likely go straight for the icy goodness.


The Golchi was conceptualized and designed in the USA after a year and a half long development process that spanned three continents.

What about spills? No matter how tight the lids are on thermoses or water bottles, there’s seems to be some mysterious linear scale of spillage potential. The Golchi touts a leak proof design with triple layer protection at both ends, preventing unwanted spills. Another small, but smart, feature of the Golchi lid is the blue and red indicators to remind you where you put the hot and cold drink. The lid also has a “patent-pending controlled flow mechanism.” This lets users choose the size of the drink spout based on the drink. Open it a little to sip your coffee or all the way to guzzle water.

All the different features make this sound like the ultimate bottle. So, why wouldn’t you want one? Well, the price is quite ultimate as well. Those who backed the Kickstarter project could get in on the early bird pledge for $29 USD. Everyone else will pay $40 USD for the Golchi. Admittedly, the Golchi is sleek and convenient. But that’s a high price tag to pay for something to carry your snacks and drinks. Sure, it may make things easier, but is it too cumbersome to carry around a few trash bags with whatever you need inside? …Hmmm. There are some alternate options, sturdy bottles that hold one drink, on the market that are cheaper. But the design aspects of the Golchi are surely to be admired, with the thought and applications covered for a whole range of different people.

I propose their next project, a sweet walking cane that’s * DRINKS IN ONE… innovation awaits.




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