A fog heaved above the rusted arms as it peeled itself from the crucible. We were outside the radius of its detection as that delicate candied green lightning struck and shattered about. The tales were true and if we were to harvest any of the shards, we would need to distract it with these links.

Ismail Inceoglu – Beautiful, sometimes intense, often serene, always intriguing scenes that capture an odd wonder with the feel of a memory.

Travel Photography of the Year – National Geographic presents the 2018 gallery, including nature, ctiy, and people categories sorted by winners, people’s choice and week.

Inventory – A project by oddviz showcasing the practice of ‘collecting’ objects using photogrammetry, then organizing in a way that delightfully pleasing to the eye. All 4k images with more to come.

FF 91 – An interactive 3D view of Faraday Future’s first production and all-electric cross-over style vehicle.

AR/VR Templates – A set of sketching templates for drawing more effective AR/VR items, along with others to help with sketching more complex 3D objects.

Robot Size Comparison – A 360 VR video game robot size. Not exhaustive, but quite a collection nonetheless.

DJI Mavic 2 – The foldable, portable DJI Mavic 2 is out with a 20 MP 1″ CMOS Sensor and Hasselblad camera and the shots… they just look incredible.

Aloha Super – After working together 20 years(!), Adidas is bringing back the Gonz. Newe video with footage from original 1998 performance by Mark Gonzales in Mönchengladbach, Germany put to the tune of “West Coast” from Coconut Records.

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