We had already eaten our fill when they wheeled out the largest bucket we had ever seen–it’s why they had removed the wall and fitted that senile, old robot lady with two railgun arms. The smell was yeasty, but soon forgotten after they handed us our bibs, and a fork for each hand. They told us we had to slide in. Yes, climb the rooftop and slide down these links.

Joshua Eiten – From quick color studies to expansive environment concepts, Joshua Eitan’s work has all sorts of interesting little details.

Giant Roach Trap – Earth Chemical puts a human size sticky trap to the test with a Scientist, Runner and Sumo Wrestler.

Hobbit Movie Set – Shaun Jeffers did a fabuloso job of capturing the architecture and the color of The Hobbitses movie set.

Freestyle – 12 years old Isamu Yamamoto is probably one of the best, if not the best, freestyle skateboarders in the entire world. A must see from Kuma Films.

iMemStick – Need more space on your iPhone? This is it. Transfer, store and backup media on a little stick that fits in your pocket.

Rams Legacy – The design legacy of Dieter Rams by Anna Ker, looks at his background, his work and his 10 principles of design.

Maker vs. Marker – The two parts of Jonny Lawrence’s sharpie pen stop-motion animation brought together. Plus a quick behind the scenes clip!

SVG Layers – Cool plugin for Photoshop that allows you to open and edit SVG files as editable vector layers.

Andante – From the Tangible Media Group, these animated, projected characters of light visualize the motion of music in various song.

ChefSteps – Become a better cook.

Up&Up – Maybe you’re not a Coldplay fan, maybe you are, but the video montagery this video is phenomenal either way.

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