Victory I say! Thou art no match for me. I have vanquished thine crusted, burnt and baked-on food parts fused deep within thine ‘non-stick’ grooves. Thou shall not claim the prize this time foul beast of pressed steel. Thine mass-produced brethren shriek and heat evenly at the site of my blistered scrub nubs. I have defeated thee. Thee and the following oil-coated links.

YongSub Noh – A site to behold, these illustrations by professional YongSub Noh bring an aire of mysterious radiance and surreal splendor.
Family culture – Art of manliness hits it home again with this little ditty on creating a positive family culture or traditions, how to create’em and the three types.
Tonight I Strike – Wow, just wow. Dan Gaud is a 28-year-old who not only created a killer short. He did it all on $15k, a RED camera and a $1200 laptop.
Map portraits – Ed Fairburn isn’t your ordinary artist, and his canvas isn’t your ordinary canvas. He uses old, sometimes vintage, maps to capture portraits of people with exceptional detail.
Fiesta Transformer – Why someone would spend… this long, creating a transformer from a 1988 Ford Fiesta that doesn’t transform is beyond me.
LEGO Relativity – The is MC Escher’s Relativity created in glorious LEGO using only 15 days and 9,000 LEGO bricks. Just lovely.
Blake – What I like – Relay race…

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