And so it went, on and on, the taps against the wood, the cracks along the grain. It went dark, and the sound all but stop. A long breath out to test the air, I peeled back the skin of the unearthed larvae casing, and push the squirming cychlid into these links.

Nima Sprout – Refreshing sketch print and illustration of woodland creatures, treescapes, environments and pop culture.

Paper Motion – If you’ve alway meant to do more stop motion work with paper, Tom McCarten provides plenty of inspiration.

WallTherapy – It may be all about building community in Rochester, New York, but even if it wasn’t the art is a mix of surreal and trippy excellence.

Incredible Chemistry – It’s the most incredible chemistry set ever, starting with incredible kits at $100 and going up to the most incredible at $600. – The site curating art and coding sketches and coding sketches and art. Lots of examples plus make your own.

BMW CSL – A hommage to the car, the driver and BMW’s 40 years in America. 1975 was a great year.

Fictional Beers – If there’s anything that’s almost as real as fictional life, it’s fictional beer. All of them from Duff to Coldcock.

Disco//Very – Warpaint on the warpath with one from 2014 mixing skateboarding and edgy trip-hop, post-punk style, plus directed by the great Laban Pheidias.

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