Wrapped around the spindle spire, there dripped the water clear, a fear, and a reflection of the trees that grew, yet had not been seen. Sheets flapped above the nest, where the afterburners left a faint stain of heat. Oh, the nest? Yes, the one where these links were hatched.

Fred Gambino – A handful of brilliant work from the artist known for his concept and illustration in tv, movie, game and book. Lovely works with more on his site.
Moving On – Music video from the British rock band James in which you’ll notice a whole lot of yarn being used.
Scooby Doo Backgrounds – Background paintings from season 1 and 2 of the tv show that found the Mystery Inc. team meddling in the affairs of others. 50 painting from an array of different artists.
Predator baby – Cutest thing ever in the history of cute baby costumes that you put on totally confused and slightly scared babies.
Bars vs Groceries – Compare two unrelated things and make maps of it. Maybe it’s just easier to open a bar, than a grocery store? Anyone for darts and a drink?
Multiple attackers – What movie fight scenes are realistic? Not many. Dom Raso, ex-Navy Seal breaks it down, what works, why it works and what you should really do.
Dopleganger field guide – A field guide to recognize evil twins, shapeshifters, echos, alternate universe self and transpporter malfunctions.
Look up – Nearly felt like posting only this, this week. Go outside.


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