It’s critical to make your company distinct, especially in the world of 3D design and digital fabrication. Manufacturers often boast about the capabilities and features of their 3D printers, such as printing with more than one material, fabricating at lightning speed or having a high resolution. While those claims are often true, few compares to ZMorph’s new offering. The 3D printing company’s new 2.0SX printer is the Swiss Army Knife of 3D printers and can not only print – but also CNC mill, laser cut and even engrave using any number of materials.

While the 2.0SX carries many drool-worthy features, one of the most amazing is the magnetic interchangeable print heads, which allows for printing in traditional plastics such as ABS, PLA and nylon – but goes so much further with heads that can even print with thick pastes including cookie dough and chocolate. The printer also features an all-new intuitive color LCD touch display to navigate through the various printing apps and can also control the printer directly with the need for a PC.

“It’s not a white box with a shiny front door, no, this item has wild triangular features that emphasize the power of this desktop machine,” reports Fabbaloo. “These removable transparent covers also provide a means to capture heat (and dust) within the working volume, so they’re functional as well as stylish.”



To emphasize the capabilities of the new printer, the ZMorph team created a multi-material gift box that was made entirely using the different functions of the machine:


At $2,690 for the base model and $3,890 for the complete platform, it’s not necessarily the cheapest 3D printer on the market – but you often get what you pay for in 3D printers. The 2.0 SX is shaping up to prove that notion.


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  1. Because that’s what everyone wants; a laser engraver with zero extraction.

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