For others, coffee is an essential part of their lives. Some folks can’t even start their day without that hit of caffeine in their system! If you are one of those coffee addicts who treat coffee like gold dust, you’ll probably love this mug made entirely out of coffee beans.

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Preston Miller WoodWorking explained exactly why there aren’t many ‘coffee cups’ that are literally made of, well, coffee bean material. For starters, coffee beans by themselves can’t be easily shaped. They’re brittle and have a ton of gaps in and between them, so any attempt to turn them into a craft usually ends up in a ton of wasted coffee.

So what’s the solution? Preston used resin.

coffee mug out of coffee beans

By curing the coffee beans inside the resin, they became a lot stronger and easier to work with (though not by much). To ensure there were absolutely no gaps or air pockets between the beans, the pressure tank was set to a higher PSI of 80 rather than the usual 60.

coffee mug out of coffee beans

The solidified resin/ coffee bean mold was then taken to a lathe for shaping. Our woodworker mentioned that apart from the initial shaping and drilling, absolutely no blade touched the coffee beans. To give the mug its finer details, high-grit sandpaper was run across the outside and inside of the mug. This method is less hard on the already brittle material and made it easier to shape the object without causing breakage.

coffee mug out of coffee beans

A wooden base was set on one side of the mug while the other side had the excess resin chopped off and hollowed out to form the inside. After a good bit of sanding and cleaning, the mug was polished and shined so that it could hold your favorite cup of coffee.

How about the cover? For what is a coffee mug without a coffee mug lid?!

coffee mug out of coffee beans

To make the lid, an excessively large piece of wood was cut down to fit the lip of the mug. A thick inner ring coupled with a slightly wider ring above it makes for the perfect lid. To keep it secure, a rubber strap was cut and added.

Drill in those air and drinking holes, polish it up, and it’s done! While the polish and sanding process might have removed some of that good coffee smell from the mug, it still retains its coffee bean aesthetic.

Lastly, to turn it into a cup that is safe to drink from, Preston Miller WoodWorking added that he came back and coated the whole mug in food-grade epoxy.

Coffee lovers will certainly love this craft and you should probably create one for yourself, or perhaps for a friend of yours or a loved one. And with the market still in search of a good coffee mug product that is literally made of coffee, this is probably the sign for you to try it. So gather those precious beans, mix some food-grade resin, and start crafting a mug the world will love!


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