We’ve seen legions of YouTubers manifest chaos to bring us absurd contraptions with little purpose other than to document how capable they are of destruction. And with high-end slow-speed cameras more accessible now than ever, watching these homegrown science experiments has never been more entertaining…even, educational.

Among others leading the way is Kevin Kohler, aka ‘The Backyard Scientist’.

Part Bill Nye, part Johnny Knoxville, part Adam Savage, Kohler has amassed an impressive YouTube subscriber base pushing 3 million. On his channel, the Florida native has created videos documenting everything from a golf ball hitting a water balloon to melting an iPhoen in molten aluminum.

More recently, Kohler created what is quite possibly one of the deadliest contraptions in YouTube history in the form of the ‘Human-Sized Mousetrap.’

“I’ve got a bit of a Raccoon problem at my house,” explains Kohler.

“I built something to fix the problem. It breaks multiple local ordinances and a few international treaties, but I give you THE GIANT MOUSETRAP! It took over 3 weeks to build and cost around $360 to build, with the main expenses being the winch, and the multiple pipe fittings to adapt the springs to the bar.”

You won’t want to get your finger stuck in this one. Be sure to check ou the rest of Kohler’s crazy experiments over at The Backyard Scientist.


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