Though its main purpose is to flatten things to make them easier to work with, hydraulic presses have a secondary function where it serves as a very entertaining piece of machinery.

I doubt anyone ever grows out of watching things get crushed under excessive amounts of force, and while this isn’t quite the same as using your ten-speed bike to run over soda cans, the premise is still very much the same.

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Crazy Hidraulic Press is a YouTube channel solely dedicated to crushing things with a 100-ton hydraulic press. Using a variety of different tool attachments, you can see how different materials react when they come into contact with too much force.

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Objects made from wood and paper are a no-brainer. The hydraulic press doesn’t have to exert too much effort for them to rip apart and send splinters and bits of paper flying everywhere.

hydraulic presss ASMR

Playing cards deserve a special mention, as pressing a stack of them with a guillotine attachment results in a neat V-shaped card valley. If you make the guillotine thinner, you can fill the whole room with flying cards!

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When you put something with a higher density against a hydraulic press, the results become way more interesting.

Just see what happens when you press a 100% steel ball. You wouldn’t expect such an object to bend or crumble so easily due to its material and geometry, but the hydraulic press doesn’t seem to care – it just keeps doing its job and flattens this bad boy into a pancake.

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Pressing a bulletproof ceramic plate comes with different results. The hydraulic press can definitely flatten out the curves in the vest which makes it wearable, but you can already hear the ceramic start to creak under the pressure.

Things get more dangerous once you slap on a smaller circular press attachment and increase the pressure. While the ceramic plate was made to withstand bullet shots, anything packing more force than a standard handgun bullet (i.e. a 100-ton hydraulic press) just shatters the plate and sends shards flying everywhere.

The Crazy Hidraulic Press YouTube channel has been up since March of last year, which falls just about the same time the world started going into quarantine. I guess crushing objects with a hydraulic press is one way to cure boredom; plus it makes for some great ASMR!


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