Like our favorite woodworking YouTuber Frank Howarth (AKA Frank Makes), blacksmith Niels Provos has an uncanny ability to balance the craft of videography with working in the shop. The results – which are almost always narrated step-by-step – offer a peek over the shoulder of a master at work.

Unlike Howarth – who focuses solely on wood-related projects – Provos makes videos documenting his exploration of forging swords and knives – particularly those of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking-age types.

More recently, Provos turned his attention to upcycling an antique wagon wheel into an heirloom blade.

Says Provos:

“This video shows the whole process from preparing the wrought iron to the finished knife. First, the wagon tire is forged and prepared for melting in the crucible. A crucible steel bar is forged from the ingot and then turned into a powerful blade. Finally, everything is put together and you can marvel at the carbide grain structure of the blade.”

YouTube video

Check out the rest of his metal forging videos over at his YouTube channel.


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