Electricity does way more than light up your home and toast your Pop Tarts; it’s raw power which, when improperly used, can lead to some extremely dangerous—and highly entertaining—science experiments.

The guys at Photonicinduction know this all too well.

Their YouTube channel is filled with videos of overpowered transformers being used on everyday objects.

In their video ‘Steel Chain VS Electrical Current’, for example, the guys set a high current through through an industrial steel chain—bringing it to a state of glowing red hot:

YouTube video

Once the chain is ready for conduction, they start off small by using a 30-volt locomotive charger and setting a current through the steel by using jumper cables. The chain sets a couple of sparks and emits a bit of heat, but otherwise remains intact at 30 volts. It also starts to glow red and stick to other parts of the chain.

Seeing as this wasn’t the exciting effect they were hoping for, they up the voltage with a 50-volt transformer. The results are far more noticeable this time: the chain glows a brighter red, more sparks emit from the metal, and it starts to visibly contort in some parts.

The chain eventually snaps from the heat and starts welding itself together, making it look like the hottest metallic noodle you ever did see.

Photonicinduction’s YouTube channel has a ton more videos which use even higher voltages to achieve more spectacular results (like setting 20,000 watts onto an unsuspecting light bulb). Be sure to check them out for all your abusive electrical needs!


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