It’s always nice to see old machines get a new lease on life, and old cars are no exception.

After digging their 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck out of the junk yar, the guys at Hagerty decided to take it apart and restore it to its former glory. While they have taken the liberty to fix every aspect of the truck, we’ll just focus on our favorite part: the engine.

Stovebolt 6 Rebuild

After taking out the engine and suspending it, Davin starts taking it apart piece by piece to see which parts can be reused and which need changing.

Once the parts he can take out by hand are removed, he puts the engine up on a stand and takes an oxy-acetylene torch to loosen the connecting bolts on the engine. This makes the rest of the engine easier to disassemble as Davin wraps his head around the ancient engine design. Since the Stovebolt is a straight-six engine design, it has an odd L-head design that folds to make everything fit in such a small space.

With the parts removed, they are then sent to the machine shop, where they will be cleaned and restored back to working condition.

The timelapse video above shows the complete disassembly, restoration, and reassembly of the Stovebolt from start to finish. Lots of machining and cleaning was done to bring the engine back into working condition, along with the replacement of a cracked head and an oversized piston.

After all that work, each exterior engine part get a new coat of paint to celebrate its rebirth before being reunited and reassembled.

chevrolet pickup restoration

Davin does a test run to see if everything works, and lo and behold, the Stovebolt runs smoothly at a steady 500 rpm. While the body still needs a bit of work, the heart of the Stovebolt is alive and well.

Hagerty has a plethora of exclusive car content on their webpage, as well as tons of timelapse videos such as this one on their YouTube channel.


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