Despite the unpredictable nature of CEO and founder Elon Musk, Tesla cars are still taking the industry by storm. With their all-electric motors, many argue the vehicles are better in every way compared to just about any gas-guzzler…provided you don’t have to travel more than 300 miles at a time between charges.

The company’s latest model, the Tesla Model 3, aims to improve on existing Tesla designs with an all-wheel drive, dual motors, autopilot features, and the ability to use your smartphone as a personal car key. It’s lightweight, goes from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds, has a top speed of 155 mph (not bad for an electric motor), and keeps you safe from impacts with other vehicles four times its body mass. Tesla loves the car so much, in fact, that they made a video of the entire assembly process:

YouTube video

Starting with an empty frame, you can see each and every component get added to the car. From the simple mirrors, wires, and knobs to the more complex touchscreen on the dashboard, all of the car’s innards are hidden from view with various plastics, cushions, and seats.

The sped-up nature of the video makes watching it weirdly satisfying to watch. What starts out as a husk of metal soon gets filled with enough wires and tech to make it a beast of an electric car. You can find the complete list of specs for the Tesla Model 3 and the company’s other cars on the Tesla webpage.


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