We love seeing how everyday objects are manufactured, but it can be equally as interesting to see those same objects disassembled; bringing to light just how parts and subassemblies are required to make an object function.

Netherlands-based prototype designer Daniel de Bruin also has a profound sense of appreciation for the manufactured object. Professionally, he spends most of his time creating outlines and frameworks for new products.

While he loves working on pet projects such as his homemade neurotransmitter which links to his biometric data and a human scanning machine which puts riders in the shoes of airport luggage, Daniel also spends a lot of time disassembling objects—this vintage Bencini Comet Super 8 Camera:

YouTube video

A total of 126 individual parts make up the camera, 23 of which are tiny screws keeping the machine together. As Daniel separates each segment, he disassembles it down to its most basic parts before laying them flat on a white background in a knolling pattern:

daniel de bruin camera disassembly

Daniel says he has always been fascinated with the internal components of complicated mechanical products—particularly small object with multiple subassemblies.

You can find more of Daniel de Bruin’s work on his webpage. To see more of his disassembly videos, you can check out his Instagram page.


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