As one of the most memorable parts of Mike Judge’s 1999 film Office Space, the infamous “Printer Scene” gave an honest look at how some of us really feel about our office equipment when it fails to work as intended.

While it may not reach the same level of badassery as seen in the film, tossing a photocopier into an industrial shredder and mining the raw materials certainly comes in at a close second – particularly if you plan on reusing those raw materials.

With roughly five pounds of salvageable copper found inside of the average office copy machine, this is exactly what happened recently when the Made by Destruction team decided to mix the resulting copper from a salvaged copy machine with zinc to create brass – which was then used to fabricate a working trumpet:

YouTube video

…which brings to mind just how much of an impact design for disassembly can have when executed properly to reclaim raw materials for repurposing:

YouTube video


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