There’s been speculation for years now about whether giant Apple would ever sell a 3D printer. Turns out they have been for a while.

There have been some tantalizing hints that the consumer giant would eventually market some kind of advanced 3D printer for consumers, and even some patents clearly in the 3D print technology space.

The thinking goes something like this: there are many desktop 3D printers available, but none truly appealed to the masses due to the complexity of use and challenging operational procedures. If only Apple could step in and make a better machine like they did with their other products!

Wishful thinking, to be sure.

But here’s the interesting thing: Apple is currently selling 3D printers, they’re just not made by Apple. In their UK online store you can find listed the “Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer”, priced at £1,699 (USD$2,194).

Why would Apple sell this particular unit – or any 3D printer? It could be that they wish to gauge the interest of their clients towards 3D printing, but I doubt that’s the case.

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