It’s hard to deny that of all the things that go well together, workshops and rural settings are among the best. Perhaps it’s the mixture of nature and industry that seems to balance everything out, or maybe the rolling brooks and grass hills are simply just a nice contrast from the more industrialized factories in busy urban centers that we’re used to seeing.

For Danish furniture makers Overgaard & Dyrman, each day spent designing and manufacturing their furniture designs includes a backdrop of the woodsy Danish countryside – a fitting environment for their traditional craft-meets-modern technologies approach to design.

“We celebrate traditional craftsmanship and embrace modern technology by bringing the two together in our way of designing and manufacturing. Our ambition is to make honest design where we salute the beauty of imperfection,” says the designers. “We love furniture with a handmade finish and merged with the use of modern machinery, it gives us the opportunity to preserve the fantastic craft skills that are still among us, and to combine these with complex forms and modern manufacturing methods.”

In this recent film from the company, we get a brief glimpse of what goes into the process of creating and crafting their Wire Dining Chair from scratch, which was inspired by traditional saddle making techniques and metal work combined with the use of modern technology.

“Modern technology such as 3D-computer drawing and computer calculations combined with modern machinery has made it possible to design and manufacture the steel construction of the pieces in the Wire Collection. But when it comes down to the final production all welding is done by hand, and a special fixture makes it possible to hold each rod in its correct position during the welding process.”











To see the collection in-full including more detailed descriptions of the materials and processes, head over to Overgaard & Dyrman.


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