Whenever a tree is cut down to produce paper, furniture, or any other product, it’s likely that not all parts the tree are used. Frequently, bits of the tree trunk that are hard to work with are left to rot and never to be used.

Instead of watching local Tennessee tree stumps get turned into mulch, woodworker Doug Lawrence decided to take these unwanted parts and turn them into something useful.


Doug Lawrence woodworking

Using many wood-carving materials including chainsaws, drills, and sanders, Doug turns old tree parts into works of art. He doesn’t use templates when cutting the wood either; each piece is done on the fly according to the wood’s structure. This spontaneous woodworking technique is what makes Doug’s creations so unique—as you see how he bases his sculptures off the wood’s natural design:


Doug Lawrence woodworking

He has already made many different-sized bowls, furniture, and random display objects from recycled wood. Though the carving process depends mostly on his vision for the piece, the production remains mostly the same: roll in a weirdly-shaped piece of wood, carve it down using large wood carving machines, carve it more intricately with smaller tools such as chisels, and finally cover the whole thing in a clear finish.



Doug Lawrence woodworking

Some of his works (like the above wooden sphere) can take up to three months to finish, requiring natural drying before he can sculpt out his vision on the wood. It’s all worth it in the end though, as each of Doug’s wood pieces are unique and entirely their own.

You can view all of Doug’s sculptures over on his webpage, where some of the pieces are up for sale.


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